Contortion space updates

What's new in the Contortion Space app, see all of the previous updates below

Monday 4th September

4th September 2023

  • Fixed issue that meant people couldn’t remove members of their circle
  • Created reply ability threads in space topics
  • Improved the joining space popup
  • Added ability to follow and unfollow Space topics

Thursday 24th August

24th August 2023

  • Updated order of poses in pose tree
  • Changed formatting of search for performers tile
  • Fixed the formatting of the information text when you’re signing up
  • Fixed the styling of the pose type (Backbending, frontbending etc) browse pages
  • Fixed ability to dismiss keyboard when creating a post
  • Added ability to like other people’s previous sessions
  • Added ability to follow and unfollow space topics
  • Fixed scroll when making a community post that includes a photo
  • Added ability to remove photo that you have added to a post before posting
  • Updated the designs of the Homescreen buttons
  • Show notification when making a post and navigate automatically to your previous posts
  • Added title bars to various pages
  • Updated circle card design

Saturday 29th July

Launch day fixes

- Fixed issue where users couldn’t dismiss the keyboard when signing up on iOS

- Adding scroll when adding lots of photo to a diary entry

- Fixed issue when trying to create a diary entry from a completed session

- Added ability to edit your profile card photo

Saturday 29th July

Contortion space alpha goes live today!

Today we release the first version of the Contortion Space app to a group of test users. Currently some of the main things that you can do with the app include:

  • Set contortion goals and track the progress you make towards them with photos that you can then compare to see how much progress you've made
  • Create training sessions to keep on top of your training as well as create workouts for those sessions that you can use again and again so you don't need to re-create them every time.
  • Add notes to your training sessions
  • Find contortion performers that you love, favourite them and add to a list of performers you want to see as well as performers that you have already seen
  • Find contortion poses that you want to do as well as can already do and add them to lists to access later
  • See skill trees for certain poses so that you can see what the next progression of your progress could be
  • Join the Contortion Space community and share posts as well as follow other people in the community.
  • Add friends to your circle to share more with them including your training history, goals and favourite contortionists
  • Join your "tribe" to customise the app experience for you
  • Create and join micro communities called Spaces for you to share and discuss specific contortion topics