We are contortion space

Contortionist Eva Lou performing for Circus Smirkus does an advanced backbend on a contortion table

Contortionist Eva Lou performing for Circus Smirkus. Photographed by Marvin Wang

Our vision

Let everyone tell their own contortion story.

Contortion space is a place for aspiring and practising contortionists to be inspired and educated to be their best, most expressive contortion self in a fun and safe way.

Our mission

We aim be the most visited and trusted contortion resource in the world and provide the highest quality contortion information that helps connect the various worlds of coaching, learning and performing to make a stronger contortion network for everyone across the globe.

Our values

We believe that contortion should be accessible, inclusive and expressive taught in a knowledgable and safe way.

Learning front-and-centre

Quality content from trusted people to help guide and shape practicing contortionists, no matter their level or aspiration.

Trust and transparency

True intent to build a safe space for moving through your contortion journey, building in transparency in everything that we do.

For everyone

The belief that contortion should be accessible for everyone who is able to participate.

Be yourself

Contortion should be a means to express yourself and what makes your contortion journey unique

Staying relevant

Advice for today delivered in a modern and relevant way that is adaptable.

Get involved

We're always looking for new voices and stories to tell. If you would like to write for Contortion Space, or you are a contortionist interested in being featured please get in touch, we'd love to hear from you.

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