Thanks for your participation!

We’re very happy that we can feature you on Contortion Space! We believe that it is important to tell the story of contortionists past and present as everyone’s journey into performing is unique and will hopefully inspire others to start their journey.

What to expect

There are various ways that we can capture your story but we will need some steadfast things in order to feature you, these are:


We’ll need 30-60 minutes of your time which is largely depend on how you’d like to answer our questions


To get a good grasp of who you are and what you’re about we will be asking you questions! Depending on your preference we can do this in various ways:

Live video or audio call

We can arrange a time to talk for 30-60 minutes as time allows about your experience as a contortion performer. While there will be set questions we may also explore other areas depending on the answers that you give. This will result in the most unique content for your article compared with the other performers but also means that you have to engage in a live conversation. This will be recorded so that we can create the most accurate account of your answers. Parents of children that are performers are encouraged to join the calls with them. Currently we are only able to offer this in English.

Pre-recorded answers

We can send you a list of questions for you to answer within your own time in a video recording. Depending on your answers we may send follow-up questions to flesh out some of the things that you have told us. Currently we can only accept these in English and Spanish.

Text only answers

We send you a list of questions and you provide typed replies to the questions. We may also follow up with some of your responses with other questions. We can provide these in various different languages if you would rather receive the questions and give answers in your own native language. They will be then translated into English as well as your native language in the feature.


Ideally we would like four images in total. One headshot or photo clearly showing your face and three others of you performing or training that you would like to be included with your feature. We will send you an image consent form as a record of your consent to feature you on the site and use your images.

What happens next?

After we have either completed the interview we will write up your answers into a feature article

We will then share the final draft of the feature with you along with the intended publish date

On the publish date we will post the feature as well as share on the Contortion Space social media accounts. This will also be accompanied by a week long advertising campaign to encourage more people to read the article and see your feature.