We want great writers!

Hey there! We're looking for great writers to help with our mission of creating the best quality contortion information as well as connecting students, coaches and performers to give people the best idea of how to be a successful contortionist.

We're looking for writers to help with several different topic areas these are:

Coaching tips

(500-1000 words)

Providing short articles  about various aspects on contortion training elements. The more specific the topic the better and it might be around some of the other elements surround contortion such as building a performance character or handbalancing.

Performance reviews

(500-1000 words)

Writing reviews and critiques of contortion performers that you have seen either in person or an online performance.

School overviews

(300-800 words)

Giving a review to a circus school that hosts contortion classes or allows aspiring contortionists to develop other performance skills

Health information

(1000-1500 words)

Practical information about health and fitness in relation to contortion training, could be topics surrounding diet, general strength and fitness etc.

Historical article

(800-1200 words)

Articles about the historical aspects of contortion, origins, performers from the past as well as anything else that has led to what modern day contortion is today.

Pose clinic

(600-1000 words)

Advice about attaining a specific pose, technical tips and tricks as well as pitfalls and progressions to work towards poses.

If you have expertise in any of these areas and you'd like to write for us, get in touch!